Fabtech 2021-2023 FORD F150 4WD 4IN PERF SYS W/ DLSS 2.5 C/O RESI & RR DLSS

$ 4,572.69
SKU: K2388DL
by Fabtech
Type: Lift Kit

Fabtech’s 4" F150 lift kit utilizes their proven heavy duty construction and design features found in their 6" systems but with less lift and at a lower price. This lift kit is a great choice for Ford owners that want to run a 35" tires for a more aggressive look while preserving the excellent highway manners of the F150.

Fabtech’s signature high arched lower control arm crossmembers are constructed of 1/4" thick steel for maximum strength. There is a 1/4" thick steel skid plate that spans between the lower crossmembers to protect the front differential housing from impacts of offroad obstacles. The heavy duty ductile iron steering knuckles retain the stock track width keeping tires under the fender for a clean appearance.

The front suspension receives the stainless steel Dirt Logic 2.5 Coilovers that will provide 4" of lift with an outstanding ride quality both on and offroad. They have been extensively ride tuned for aggressive offroad use yet have a supple on road feel.

The rear suspension utilizes lift blocks and longer u-bolts to help level the vehicle front to rear. Rear Dirt Logic 2.25 shocks will provide increased damping while providing a balanced ride front to rear in all driving conditions.

This Ford F150 lift kit is just the right amount of lift to have a muscular stance with the ability to hit the trails on the weekend and be your daily driver. The best of both worlds.

  • High quality Fabtech construction with a low price
  • 1/4" thick steel lower control arm crossmembers and skid plate
  • Allows use of 33" or 35" tires
  • ESC and Traction Control Compliant
  • Stock front track width keeps tires under the fenders



1/4″ thick steel lower control arm Crossmembers are arched for maximum ground clearance. The welded box design of these Crossmembers provides additional strength to the front suspension.


Fabtech’s extended length ductile iron Steering Knuckles provide zero bump steer throughout the suspension travel. This provides an enhanced driver experience compared to stock. Near stock track width keeps the tires under the fenders for a clean appearance.


Constructed of a stainless steel body with NitroSteel piston rod for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Superior ride quality both on and offroad. Excellent damping for offroad use.


A heavy-duty front differential Skid Plate is constructed of 1/4″ thick steel to protect the diff from offroad obstacles.


Triple Differential Mounts properly reposition the front diff for the precise CV and driveshaft angle to reduce driveline vibration at high speed.


1/4" thick steel drop brackets reposition the front sway bar for the increased ride height. This allows the sway bar link ends to fully cycle without binding throughout the extended travel range.


Steel rear lift blocks replace the factory blocks for additional lift without changing the ride quality or load carrying capacity.


High quality severe duty U-Bolts are designed to attach the entire rear differential to the vehicle. A critical part that demands the best quality for your vehicle.


The stainless steel body with NitroSteel piston rod provides maximum corrosion resistance and durability. High quality componentry delivers a superior ride quality both on and offroad. Excellent damping for offroad use.