Price Match

Price Matching for products you have already purchased

Email us at providing the lower price, where you found it, and the date you purchased the item(s) from us. We will look into your order and process your refund. You will receive confirmation of the refund by email within 1-2 business days.

Processing your order at the lower price match is done at the discretion of TCcustoms and/or is subject to evaluation using the terms and conditions below.. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide price matching services against auction sites or membership-based retailers.

Terms and Conditions

All purchases made after 11/10/2020 are eligible for the Price Match Guarantee!  You have 30 days from the original order date to make a claim for the Price Match Guarantee.  After 30 days from the sale date, submissions will not be considered.  The comparison on the Price Match Guarantee includes the selling price of the merchandise, plus shipping, handling charges, and sales tax.

For comparison purposes, the products must be identical and new (unused) condition.  The product must be in stock and available from an authorized dealer.  Pricing errors do not qualify.  Excludes any rebates or liquidations.  Employee Pricing and Auction Sites are also excluded from this offer.  

Price match discounts cannot be combined with TCcustoms promotional offers. This price match guarantee only applies to orders shipped within the United States and US Territories. Expedited shipping offers are not eligible for price matching. TCcustoms reserves the right to limit the amount of price match requests per customer.