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ReadyLift - 3.0'' SST Lift Kit   -   2020-2021 GM Silverado / Sierra 2500HD
ReadyLift - 3.0'' SST Lift Kit   -   2020-2021 GM Silverado / Sierra 2500HD
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ReadyLift - 3.0'' SST Lift Kit   -   2020-2021 GM Silverado / Sierra 2500HD
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ReadyLift - 3.0'' SST Lift Kit   -   2020-2021 GM Silverado / Sierra 2500HD

ReadyLift - 3.0'' SST Lift Kit - 2020-2021 GM Silverado / Sierra 2500HD

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ReadyLIFT® is excited to offer a new heavy-duty suspension lift option for the 2020-2022 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 HD trucks including the popular AT4 package. Along with the outward appearance changes to the new GM HD, General Motors also made changes to the long-standing torsion bar suspension. These changes required ReadyLIFT to engineer a new  SST lift kit that is specifically designed to function and install properly on this new suspension design. Our dedication to professional engineering and manufacturing has yielded a new 3" SST lift kit system that comfortably allows for 35" tires.

For those who want a lifted stance all the way around on their new 2020-2022 GM HD truck, we offer the 69-3030 3"/2" SST Lift Kit. This system provides 3" of adjustable front lift with new forged torsion keys specialized for this 3" front lift (not the same keys found in 66-3020). Taller differential drop spacers and skid plate spacers are included, as well as new taller bump stops, rear shock extensions and our popular OE style cast iron 2" tall rear lift blocks with new longer U-bolts. The 69-3030 SST lift kit works with trucks equipped with either the OE #84461807 or OE #84634344 factory torsion keys and requires ReadyLIFT torsion key unloading tool 66-7822B or similar for installation.

Can be used on trucks equipped with factory snow prep/plow packages.

Why Choose ReadyLIFT 2020 GM HD SST Lift Kits?

Maintains the factory ride and handling.

Features industry-leading forged torsion keys with specific indexing designed for each application.

Delivers clearance for increased aftermarket tire sizes - up to 35''

Kits include important CNC machined billet Aluminum differential drop spacers with longer hardware to ensure correct CV angles and drive line geometry.

Maintains use of the factory skid plate via new skid plate spacers.

SST lift kit includes 2" tall OE style cast iron tapered rear lift blocks.

SST lift kit includes new heavy-duty rear shock extensions are included so you don't have to buy new rear shocks.

New taller (4) bump stops are included with the SST lift kit to properly limit suspension compression.

Every kit includes ReadyGuard Powertrain Warranty.

Tire Fitment: Kit Components:

Torsion Key Qty 2

Front Shock Spacer Qty 4

Extended Front Bump Stop Qty 4

Differential Spacers Qty 4

Heavy Duty Differential laser cut washes Qty 4

Skid Plate Spacers QTY 4

Replacement Front Shock flange nuts Qty 4

Extended Differential mounting bolts Qty 4

Extended Skid Plate mounting bolts Qty 4

Heavy duty Skid Plate washers Qty 4

Rear Shock Extensions

2" Rear Block Qty 2

Extended U-bolt Qty 4

U-bolt flange nuts Qty 8

SAEJ2492 Warning: By installing this product, you acknowledge that the suspension of this vehicle has been modified. As a result, this vehicle may handle differently than that of factory-equipped vehicles. As with any vehicle, extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or roll-over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts, and drive safely, recognizing that reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques may be required. Failure to drive this vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death. Do not drive this vehicle unless you are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all driving conditions. Some modifications (and combinations of modifications) are not recommended and may not be permitted in your state. Consult your owner’s manual, the instructions accompanying this product, and state laws before undertaking these modifications. You are responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle you modify using these components.