Fuel 1PC D704 Siege Gloss Machined Double Dark Tint 20X9 1mm offset - D7042090B450

$ 446.00
SKU: D7042090B450
This is the Fuel 1PC D704 Siege wheel! This is a Cast Aluminum wheel that weighs in at 35.49 pounds per wheel! This D704 Siege wheel has a Bolt Pattern of 5X139.7 / 5X5.5. If you would like assistance to make sure this wheel fits your vehicle, feel free to call us at 205-491-0010! This wheel has a Gloss Machined Double Dark Tint finish and is warrantied for One Year! However, it has a Lifetime structural warranty! This wheel is very strong as it has a Load Rating of 2500 pounds. This wheel is 20 in diameter and it is 9 inches wide with an offset of 1mm. That means this wheel has 5.04 inches of backspacing. The Lip Size of this wheel is 0 inches.