ATX - 404 - Glossy Black W/ Polished Lip - Front & Rear Inner - 22.5X9. 176mm offset - 10X11.25 bolt pattern - AO40422910304H

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This is a ATX AO404 JOURNEY wheel in a Glossy Black W/ Polished Lip - Front & Rear Inner finish. The dimension of this wheel is 22.5X9 inches. It has an offset of 176mm. This wheel has a shipping weight of 54lbs. This wheel has a load rating of 10300lbs. per wheel. Please keep in mind that the price advertised is for one wheel only. It is not the price for a set of wheels. If you would like a detailed quote to include Wheels, Tires, and more feel free to give us a call! (205) 491-0010. If you are having trouble finding the perfect wheel for you, please reach out to our professional team! You can call us at (205) 491-0010. We want to make sure that you will be 100% happy with your purchase, so if you are unsure about Wheel and Tire Fitment please give us a call BEFORE ordering! We sell custom parts for all makes and all models of vehicles!