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2011-2014 F-150 High-Capacity Low Temp Radiator Upgrade

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The ROUSH Low Temp Radiator Upgrade (Upper LTR) is designed specifically for those owners of V8 F-150?s equipped with a ROUSH R2300 Supercharger. The ROUSH High-Capacity LTR is a direct replacement upgrade for our current large, 16mm full-face LTR?s (that are included in newer supercharger kits). Additionally, this LTR seamlessly integrates with the ROUSH Lower LTR (Part #421580) to provide for greater cooling capacity. Dual LTRs provide more effective air cooling by increasing the heat transfer surface area, which results in lower intercooler water temperatures and provides superior air charge cooling. The ROUSH High-Capacity LTR features a larger, 40mm thicker core (up from 16mm) and greater, 1,900 ml cooling capacity (up from 800 ml). By combining ROUSH?s High-Capacity Upper LTR and Lower LTR together, the total surface area increases to 422 in. sq., leading to lower inlet temperatures. ROUSH engineers spent hundreds of hours developing and testing the High-Capacity LTR to achieve maximum temperature reductions. During wide-open throttle runs, the manifold charge temperatures were reduced by 45 degrees F when running the dual LTR set-up. Steady state driving tests also shown on average that dual LTRs reduced inlet air temperatures by 27 degrees F over lower LTR-only usage. The all-aluminum design also allows for quick and easy installation.

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  • GTIN: 00844764004931


  • Quantity of Each: 1
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  • Dimension: 32 x 9 x 23 inches